MEASURES: 201,5 x 60, 201,5 x 70, 201,5 x 80, 201,5 x 90

COLOUR: bleached oak

SET: Door leaf, frame with inside and outside rims, lock with key, a handle, three (3) hinges.

PRICE: 160Eur / 166Eur

New collection GERARDO classic!

Exceptional design and quality.

Door leaf is made of two MDF plates with a solid filling and wooden frame (10 cm) glued on the whole perimeter, providing firmness and preventing form deformation. The surface of the door leaf is covered with plastic wood texture coat which is damp-resistant, protects from scratches and looks particularly naturally.

Door frame is manufactured form wood and MDF finishing the surface of which is covered with plastic coat.

Door finishing is manufactured form plastic coat covered MDF.

Door lock, handles, cylinder with keys and inside spinning lock are made from zinc-aluminium material (exceptionally firm).